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Server Rate (EP5 | Pre-re)

  • Lv.1-80 EXP Base Rate : 4.0x
  • Lv.81-90 EXP Base Rate : 3.0x
  • Lv.91-94 EXP Base Rate : 2.0x
  • Lv.95-99 EXP Base Rate : 1.0x
  • JOB Base Rate : 4.0x
  • ETC Rate : 1.0x
  • Usable Rate : 1.0x
  • Equipment Rate : 1.0x
  • Normal Card Rate : 1.0x
  • Boss Card Rate : 0.01%
  • MVP Rate : 1.0x
  • Max Level : 99/50
  • Max Character : 3
  • Max Aspd : 190

Party Info

  • Party Share Level cap : 15
  • Party Bonus EXP : +100% EXP for each player, it will take effect if you have atleast 4 party members.
  • Party Capacity : 12 player

Guild Info

  • Guild Cap : 36 players
  • Alliance : Disabled
  • WoE Sched : Tue, Thur, Sat
  • WoE Time : 21:00 - 23:00
  • Disabled Skill : Loki's Veil

Server Settings

  • Server Mechanics Pre-Renewal Episode 5.0 old fashioned classic gameplay !
  • Game Guard Gepard Shield 3.0
  • Server Command : @commands to check available commands
  • Players won't be able to show equipment or (View Equipment) since we are using old UI
  • You can change your job by doing the Job Change Quest, If you reach max Job Lv.50 you will automatically pass all test and change your job immediately with rewards.
  • Available Job Class 1-1 Class 2-1 ( 2-2 Class will come one by one )
  • We are using the Old User Interface, so experience nostalgic game interface.

Player Commands

  • @commands : Show all commands available
  • @rates : Show server rates
  • @mobinfo : Show monster info you can also use @mi for shortcut
  • @iteminfo : Show item info you can also use @ii for shortcut
  • @refresh : Refresh screen
  • @arealoot : Loot items area of 3 cells at once on the ground.
  • @whosell : Search items vending
  • @whobuy : Search items selling
  • @packetfilter : reduce lag / client loads
  • @whereis : Search monster location
  • @showexp : Show experience acquired
  • @time : Show server time
  • @daily : Show or get daily rewards
  • @kc : Kill counter for monster! usage: @kc (monster id) | e.g - @kc 1002
  • @mileage : Show mileage info, can use if base level 50+
  • @security : Create a second in-game password and restriction for security
  • @restexp : Show experience bank

Refine Rate

Refine (Elunium/Oridecon) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Weapon Lv.1 100% 100% 100% 100% 67% 65% 47% 42% 33% 25%
Weapon Lv.2 100% 100% 100% 100% 65% 60% 45% 35% 25% 14%
Weapon Lv.3 100% 100% 100% 100% 59% 51% 41% 30% 18% 12%
Weapon Lv.4 100% 100% 100% 100% 53% 42% 33% 26% 19% 10%
Armor 100% 100% 100% 100% 45% 40% 26% 20% 15% 10%
Note : +4 safe refine to all equipment

Server Balancing Adjustment and Nerfs

  • All monsters has skills to make it more challenging.
  • When the character dies EXP is loss by 5%
  • MVP cards are enable for PvM disabled on (PvP, GvG, BG)
  • Safe refine for all armor and weapon is +4
  • There is a global announcement when a player loot a monster card.
  • Item&Skill Stats are based Pre-Renewal mechanics

Disabled Map

Magma Dungeon

Ice wall map restriction (All Towns)
alde_dun02 gl_dun02 gl_prison gl_cas02 gef_dun01 gef_dun02 c_tower3 glass_01
alde_dun04 cmd_fild02 cmd_fild04 anthell01 anthell02 gef_dun02 gl_chyard gl_knt01
moc_pryd04 orcsdun02 pay_dun04 prt_maze03 prt_sewb4 treasure02 tur_dun04 xmas_dun02
xmas_fild01 mjolnir_05 pay_fild10 gl_cas02 alde_dun02 beach_dun gl_sew04 beach_dun02

Nerfed item prices
Item Name Sell Price before Sell Price now
White Potion 600 120
Blue Potion 2,500 500
White Slim Potion 825 220
Royal Jelly 3,500 750
Mastela Fruit 4,250 950
Lava 415 320
Burning Heart 346 280
Live Coal 239 150
Antelope Skin 283 180
Antelope Horn 252 140
False Heaven Ring 346 190
False Angel Wing 283 180
Sharp Leaf 302 190
Cyfar 289 180
Brigan 279 170
Stiletto [0],[2],[3] 9,750 3,750
Gold Ring 15,000 6,000
Silver Ring 10,000 4,000
Skull Ring 5,000 2,000
Diamond Ring 22,500 12,000
3Carat Diamond 20,625 9,500
2Carat Diamond 9,375 4,000
1Carat Diamond 5,000 1,000
Red Frame 1,500 525
Crystal Mirror 7,500 3,000
Witherless Rose 27,500 12,000
Frozen Rose 17,500 8,000
Zargon 240 125
Evil Horn 600 300
Rotten Bandage 175 90
Mementos 300 180
Scale Shell 233 110
Nose Ring 284 155
Solid Shell 224 110
Horseshoe 588 180
Sharp Scale 125 70
Fin 206 90
Shining Scale 233 110
Horrendous Mouth 195 90
Turtle Shell 340 180
Gold 100,000 50,000
Flame Heart 1,500 500
Rough Wind 1,500 500
Great Nature 1,500 500
Mystic Frozen 1,500 500
Star Crumb 2,250 500
Sparkling Dust 750 300
Red Blood 500 250
Crystal Blue 500 250
Wind of Verdure 500 250
Green Live 500 250
Note : The team has the right to change the details and the balance of the server without prior notice.

War Of Emperium

  • WoE Sched : Tue , Thur , Sat
  • WoE Time : 21:00 - 23:00
  • Guild Cap : 36 Players
  • Party Cap : 12 Players
  • Alliance : Disabled
  • Disabled Skill : Loki's Veil

Restricted Items in WoE

  • Reins Of Mount (No effect in GVG)
  • Speed Potion (No effect in GVG)
  • Bloody Axe (No effect in GVG)

Guild War Rewards

  • ... TBA
  • ... TBA
  • ... TBA
  • ... TBA

Guild War Score Table

MAP Castle Point
TBA TBA +1 Points
TBA TBA +2 Points
TBA TBA +1 Points
TBA TBA +0.5 Points
TBA TBA +1 Points
TBA TBA +2 Points

WoE Monthly Ranking

Ranking Name Guild Point Rewards
Rank 1 XXXXX XX Points Reward : TBA
Rank 2 XXXXX XX Points Reward : TBA
Rank 3 XXXXX XX Points Reward : TBA
Rank 4-6 XXXXX XX Points Reward : TBA
Rank 7-10 XXXXX XX Points Reward : TBA
Score will be updated every 12:00am everyday.
Results will be announce monthly for Guild of the month, If your guild is in the list please contact the team to get the reward.
Reminder : GuildWar Points are being updated after the war season and what castle are conquered.

Rules for participating in Guild Wars should read and understand so that there will be no problems after.

  • During the Guild war, changing of emblem is not allowed and also Do not use the same emblem of your enemy to avoid conflict or else you will be disqualified or no score counted.
  • Extension guilds are not allowed to help each other inside the emperium room, You are only able to help each other in the corridors and outside the emperium room.
  • Before the last 10 minutes of Guild War, Emperium / Castle swap or win trade is strictly prohibited, be responsible on your castle to conquer and defend it till the end of war time. If there any complaint of doing this strategy, the score or prize for the castle will not be given.
  • To get a score in guild war, A guild need to have atleast 15+ online members that will participate the war or else your guild will not be qualified gettings a score and reward.
Reminder : The team reserves the right to change the rules of the Guild War, all of which may be changed in the future without prior notice.

Server Rules

  • Do not use vulgar or vulgar language. To play or want to turmoil the server or other persons to be damaged.
  • Do not post any messages that cause damage to the server. or affect the stability within the server in all cases
  • Do not promote or provoke a disturbance. or social divisions
  • Do not encourage, deceive, induce or cause any action. against the law, nation, religion
  • Do not express intentions Trade Zeny, Item ,ID , Charecter in game with real money in any case.
  • Absolutely do not use any 3rd party software to play! without permission from the team
  • Do not impersonate a GM or related team. All channels are punished with permanent ID suspension.
  • Do not trade in a fraudulent manner. and exaggerated prices that are intentional in every case.
  • Do not use language that implies impolite meaning or impersonate another person or inappropriate To set the character name, Guild name
  • Game bugs are forbidden to exploit in any way. If you do not notify the team, there is a penalty for getting banned for ID. or the conspiracy is equally guilty.
  • Gambling is prohibited in all cases. without approval from the team both room setting invites or setting up a mingling group within the game Penalty for blocking ID

Regulations on providing 3rd party programs, etc.

  • The server does not support 3rd party program to help a player in all cases. The server is well protected by Gepard Shield that we are ready to fix any player problems. with constant contact with the developer We have a strict policy. The definitive measures for people who use assistive play, including macros, log checks, trace evidence, videotapes, reference tests, where we'll take a more in-depth look. By the way, we emphasize that it is not easy to let go. and if there are frequent such problems You have the right to get banned in any case and the use of macro checks every day, repeat checks, repeat to make the atmosphere in the game playable. play by yourself, don't cheat and we don't want to support macros in every case.

Rules of playing in-game (Harassment, Messing, Fraud)

  • Every monster has the same right to hunt. Kill steal and looting is part of the game like before. The server wants the players to understand the competition in order to gain experience or loots, but the team does not neglect the etiquette of playing with disruptions as follows.
  • Luring monster to lower level player or to a group of low level party is prohibited, you will get punished if you do this to the community.
  • Standing inside the party of other players and killing their monster is prohibited. This is considered harassing another player's party.
  • luring a boss Intentionally killing other players and losing EXP while leveling or looting is prohibited and can lead you to punishment.
  • The players must show clear evidence to inform the team. For the benefit of the players, the team will inspect the area and punish the offenders.
  • Some action are depend on the team to consider humanitarian principles. as an element and the decision of the team is final.

Rules on Hunting Boss MVP

  • Boss hunting in the server is rare. Players can use any skill to hunt bosses or get MVP, there are no rules prohibiting boss hunting. Players must compete to obtain MVP in any case.

Rules on Gambling

  • Gambling of any kind is prohibited within the game. If we found a room setting invitation message to gamble, you will be punished
  • Betting other game like sports game by using the currency or item in-game in prohibited.
  • Do not use any fraudulent gambling-related names, such as party names, guild names, or character names.
  • Public gambling announcements or inviting in all cases or any form of intent are prohibited.
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