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RO Classic RPG is now accepting potential / Voluntary Streamers that will help the server grow and prosper. 

Our main objective is to find the most qualified streamers that are willing to take streaming seriously with us. In return, we will also help them grow in terms of following and in-game benefits.

How do I become a Streamer?

Here are the requirements you need to meet to become a streamer:

  • You must have a legitimate Facebook Account & Facebook Page where you can stream. No Troll accounts.
  • No minimum followers needed. All aspiring and current streamers are welcome. Grow your community with us!
  • Camera and microphone is required to interact with your viewers.
  • You must stream for 2-3 hours a day and 3-4 times a week or more.
  • You must interact with your fans in-game and host mini events for them, we can also cooperate.
  • You must be a ragnarok player and informative about the game. No dramas, issues, etc, about non-RO related topic.
  • You can only stream Ragnarok Classic RPG once you accept the program.

Application to become a Streamer

Your application for streaming will be carefully reviewed by the team for approval. There will be certain areas to look at and a criteria to follow in order to be accepted as a streaming partner. Once approved, you will be contacted by the team with a confirmatory message that states your acceptance in the streamer program. We are looking forward to working with you!

  1. Submit your page or profile together with your streaming schedule to our discord #streamer-application channel
  2. We will review your application and contact you for onboarding if you pass the assessment.
  3. After reviewing your application; we will send you the streamer kit for our server.

Earn for becoming our a  Streamer? (Slots 1/3)

Becoming one of our streamer is a win win situation for you! You can get these perks if you are eligible to our requirements. This is just an optional in our program.

  1. If your page followers got 15,000+ followers, you are eligible to get 300~400php or 5~7 usd++ every stream depending on your views / performance.
  2. You must be streaming at least minimum of 3 times a week and maximum of 4 times a week. If you didn't meet the minimum stream, you will not be eligible to get your allowance and will be back to 0. And also, we can only pay the maximum of 4 stream.
  3. You must apply directly to us if you want to apply this program and we will review your page stream views and followers.
  4. Streamer Code: You will receive your own streamer code that player can use while claiming their Topup/Donate. Everytime the player uses your Code you will get 3% of the Topup/Donate amount they made. It can be converted by Cash Points or Real Cash.


  • To promote and advertise the server as much as possible to as many unique people as possible.
  • To encourage streamers to keep playing and promoting the server on a daily basis.
  • To encourage existing players to keep on playing the game and make them feel that the server is alive.
Download Streamer Kit
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