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Welcome to Monster Hunter Guild
You will never get bored here in monster hunter guild, we hunt monsters everyday and collect their souls!

  1. Monster Hunter Guild
  2. Monster Expert
  3. Soul Collector
  4. Hunter Shop
  5. Monster Whisperer
  6. Pet Tamer

Once you registered and finally an official monster hunter member.
Then you will recieve a Monster Hunter License.

and if you bring the license on your adventure, then there is a chance of
recieving Monster Soul each time a monster is killed.

You can join the monster hunter guild anytime!

Here's how you can go to the monster hunter guild.

Click the button to expand.

Here is the Hunter Shop!

Note: Pet tamers are no longer dropped by the monsters, You can only get them here now.

Save the trapped deviruchi! Quest town will be changed depending on your current level.

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