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How does Mileage System works?
Mileage system only works if you are Level 50+ and must have Job Class.
If you reached these requirements then you can access the @mileage command

Mileage points accumulation and restriction

  • If you are a premium member, you will receive 2x Mileage Points every hour.
  • Normal account will receive 1x Mileage Points every hour.
  • Maximum points to accumulate is 300 mileage points.
  • Mileage system will stop if you are in vending mode and if you accumulated the max 300 mileage points.

You can convert your Mileage Points into Mileage coupon by accessing the @mileage command. Convert and use the Mileage coupon to buy various items at the Mileage Coupon Exchanger available in Midgard Corporation

Mileage Points to Mileage Coupon conversion rate is 5:1

1 ea. is equals to 5 Mileage Points

Stay online and gain Mileage point every hour!.

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