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What is Midgard Corporation?
Welcome to Midgard Corporation!
Midgard Corporation is the main headquarters of our server, where you can interact with NPCs and other activities.

This is the whole midgard corporation. Identify each room below by numbers.

  1. The Lobby
  2. Utility Room
  3. Quest Room
  4. PvP Room
  5. Refining/Quest Room
  6. Monster Hunter Guild
  7. Guild Room

Here are the NPCs inside the Lobby

Lady Mae Daily Quest NPC
Hunting or Collecting Quest
Daily Rewards:
Daily Potion Box
Quest badge
Experience Points
Quest Badge Shop Exchanger of Quest Badge
Tool Dealer Sell usable items
Teleporter Warp you back to the town.
Kafra Employee Offers Kafra Service
Kafra Starter Pack Gives you beginner items
Kafra Premium Service Offers Premium Services

NPCs inside the Utility Room

Kristine The Boxter Box your items here
Gym Instructor Use your Gym Pass here to gain extra weight.
Premium Stat Reset Use reset stone to reset status
Playtime Reward Exchange playtime points here.
MVP Specialist Exchange MVP Points here
Quest Roulette Play the roulette using Quest Badge
Playtime Generator Play the generator to get items using playtime points
Kafra Zeny Spin I Play here using your zeny and win cool item/equipment prizes
Playtime Generator II Play here using your zeny and win cool item/equipment prizes
Kafra Lucky Draw Cash Points is required to play here
Kafra Lucky Spin Cash Points is required to play here
BigCat Promo Bonus Points is required to play here
Kafra Shop Buy various items using Cash Points
Kafra Bonus Shop Buy items/equipments here using Bonus Points
Kafra Premium Package Buy premium package here, only for premium members.

Here are the NPCs inside Quest Room

Maurise Can make researched equipments with additional stats
Elizabeth Bennett Can make your headgear into an evolve headgears.

Here are the NPCs inside PvP Room

Gatekeeper PVP Gate keeper
The King Entrance to King of Empire war
Tool Dealer PvP Tool dealer
PvP Stats Viewer Check your Kills and deaths here.
PVP Reward Shop Use Prize Medal to buy in this shop
PVP Ranking Info Shows information about ranking in PVP

Here are the NPCs inside Refine/Quest Room

Advanced Craftsman Can make modified headgears
Refine Master You can use Refine Ticket here
Ore Refiner Create refine ores here.
Normalson Upgrade your equipment here

Here are the NPCs inside Monster Hunter Guild

Monster Hunter Guild Start of monster registration for 1,000,000z
Soul Collector Exchange monster soul here for Hunter points
Monster Expert Gives you monster license once you are registered to the Guild.
Pet Trader Exchange your monster soul into a pet tamers
since pet tamers are not droppable anymore.
Hunter Shop Use hunter points to buy in this shop.
Monster Whisperer This is a daily quest.
Just free the monster who are trap in a box.

Here are the NPCs inside Guild Room

Guild Helper Can help your guild to startup with equipments
But needs atleast 16+ members.
Guild Coin Shop Exchange Guild coins here
Guild Room Rent Rent a guild room for certain hours
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