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How does Rest EXP works in RO Classic RPG?
It’s important to rest and recover between adventures in the world of Ragnarok.
By resting, you will get bonus EXP that you can use for future adventures!

Rested Experience is an Experience boost given to characters that have been offline (or just AFK) for a bit. It can be useful in leveling all jobs, whether they’re combat jobs or non-combat jobs.

  • Max EXP to accumulate is 1,814,400 EXP both JOB and Base EXP.
  • Gain bonus REST EXP when you are offline for 3 EXP per second.
  • You can also Gain 180 REST EXP every 1 minute if you are AFK.

Like most other Experience boosts, Rested Exp is only applicable to combat activities(PVM). It does not apply to quest rewards or daily offerings like daily quest exp.

You can turn on the command @restexp on to see the accumulated EXP or used EXP during combat.

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