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Are you ready for the CBT?
We have an event for everyone who participate the CBT of our server
Easy to join fun activities, all players can participate in this event!
CBT Rates: 10x EXP |10x JOB|x5x DROP

How to join the event?
Just create a new novice during CBT and talk to the CBT Quest NPC in Prontera Field South
Once you accept the task, You will recieve these CBT Starter Supply.

  • 50 ea. [Event] White Potion Box
  • 50 ea. [Event] Blue Potion Box
  • 1 ea. Infinite Fly Wing [7 days]
  • 1 ea. Refine Sakkat [7 days]

CBT Date: February 4, 2023 to February 11, 2023
Please be reminded that All Characters, Items, and Zeny will be wipe after CBT!
We recommend you to participate and complete the task to get a reward on our grand opening!

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